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A facial is a skin treatment that can improve or maintain skin appearance and quality. Renewal Skin Spa facials include a detailed analysis of the skin by one of our master aestheticians, followed by a series of cleansing and exfoliating methods. A facial can be light and gentle or use a deep problem combative pore cleansing. The aesthetician will often use steam, warm towels, enzymes, creams and other exfoliating methods such as an ultrasonic machine depending on the facial you choose. All facials will be concluded with the application of skin-specific-medical grade products.

We offer a wide range of facials to help with skin concerns. Some of our facials include;

  • Glass Facial
  • Aqua Lux
  • De-pigmenting Facial
  • Acne Facial
  • Filler Facial (poly-lactic acid infusion)
  • Oxygen Facial
  • UltraSonic Facial
  • Fire & Ice Facial

There are many benefits to getting regular facials. Facials have many anti-aging properties. Treatment can help stimulate the skin by improving blood circulation, and the relaxation of facial muscles can even slow the onset of wrinkles. Other benefits of facials at Renewal Skin Spa include:

  • Improved pore size and appearance
  • Improvement in acne
  • A brighter, healthier more youthful complexion
  • Reduced puffiness and sagging of the face
  • Lowered stress levels. Stress causes facial muscles to tense which slows circulation thus accelerating the formation of premature lines
  • Increasing circulation to the face helps bring beneficial nutrients and oxygen to the skin which in turn encourages new cell growth.
  • Our professional staff and treatment rooms provide a calm-relaxing atmosphere for you to get away helping reduce your stress, anxiety and tension.

A relaxing facial is a wonderful and rejuvenating experience. Our professional facials are customized to meet your individual needs and skin type. At Renewal Skin Spa, we’ve carefully selected our primary skin care lines, and use them exclusively in all of our facials. Each customized treatment includes a complimentary paraffin hand treatment to deeply hydrate the skin.

Questions? We have answers.

If you’re considering a facial or would like more information on the types of facials we offer, please schedule a free consultation by calling us at Renewal Skin Spa: 616-940-1177 or click to contact us.