Ideal Protein Weight Loss

A diet program with an end. 

Ideal-Protein-bannerMedical weight loss program

The Ideal Protein weight loss diet contains gourmet protein foods with essential amino acids complemented with supplements and mineral salts. With a beginning, middle and an end.  There are 3 phases to ensure success that include protein packets, meal planning, and progress analysis. The owner of Renewal Skin Spa tried it herself for 2 months prior to bringing it to our office. Everything we provide, we try first to make sure it works, and is worthy of our patients. So you can be sure, if you commit yourself to the diet based on the guidelines given, weight loss will follow. Available exclusively from Accredited Ideal Protein Healthcare Professionals.


Benefits of Ideal Protein

  • Tastes good
  • An array of choices
  • Lose up to 3-7 pounds per week
  • Primarily promotes fat loss
  • Helps to maintain muscle mass
  • Tones & revitalizes skin
  • Supports cellulite reduction
  • Promotes vitality & energy
  • Naturally suppresses appetite
  • Re-establishes pancreatic function (insulin)
  • Learn nutritional information to maintain your new body shape and increased energy levels

Questions?We have answers.

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